Steaks – Amazing Hot Rock Cooking

We have various cuts of steak that are delivered to your table blue, just seared on the outside, you continue to cook it yourself on your own Hot Rock.

A really fun and healthy way of cooking, all the flavours are seared back into the food and cooked just the way you want because you are the one doing the cooking. Why not add a dipping sauce(salsa verde, barbecue, pepper corn sauce, mushroom sauce, or stilton sauce for only £1.50 each. or we can cook it for you

HOT ROCKS are not suitable for children.

All steaks are locally sourced and served with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, chunky chips and a dressed saladMake your meal extra special by selecting seafood (surf) as an extra to your steak (turf). Juicy garlic tiger prawns, for an extra £5.00

*Please note that menu items, prices, and availability can change without prior notice, use the menu prices on the website as a guide only, as prices may fluctuate depending on season and availability. 



44-45 George Street
Old Town
East Sussex
TN34 3EA

(Hastings Restaurant)



The Chapel
55 The High Street
East Sussex
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